5-axis CNC milling machines SMARTCUT


SMARTCUT SERIES ( trimming machines and milling machines )

5-axis trimming machines and milling machines series SMARTCUT basic version, 5-axis interpolated. Our Smartcut 5-axis trimming machines and milling machines are designed for machining of parts made of wood, wood-based materials
(chipboard, MDF, plywood, etc.), plastics, composite materials based on plastics and components made of aluminum and materials with similar hardness.

The milling machine body and chassis are a highly rigid construction, made by welding  thick closed steel sections appropriately annealed. Along two sides of the chassis guide rails are fixed on which moves a double portal that carries the working head . The working area of the machine is placed on the chassis – the table with appropriate construction suitable for types of operations for which the machine was designated.

SMARTCUT series machining centers, having in the basic version 5 interpolated axes.

They are designed for processing elements made of wood, wood-based materials (chipboard, MDF, plywood, etc.), plastics, composite materials based on plastics and elements made of aluminum and materials of similar hardness.

Milling machines centers are most often used to create prototype 3D models, high quality molds, blanking dies, thermoforming models, as well as to produce parts in many industrial sectors.

The TOOLS FACTORY offer includes 2 types of 5-axis CNC machining centers.

The standard version has an integrated work table, while the extended version has a „double” mobile work table.

This means that we can use one large area to be processed, or divide it into smaller 2 the same sections for processing. Tables can operate synchronously or alternately thanks to installed electric motors. This solution enables continuous operation, because on the table No. 1 machining or cutting can be carried out, and on the table no.2, the operator can install another part. It is possible to install a suitable partition to separate both surfaces from each other, and to install a vacuum system with division into zones.

Each milling machines has:

In addition, each machine can be equipped with:


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