Heating stoves

The device consists of a heating furnace with heating on one side from the top.

The heater has an option to adjust each radiator individually from the touch panel.

The device has a built-in PLC that controls the heating system and possibly controls the times of the fans and the times of operation of the vacuum pump.

In addition, the system is equipped with a timer of the top heater, where after a preset time, the operator is notified with an acoustic signal, and the quartz heaters are extinguished to about 30% of power.

After starting the next cycle, the heaters return to the preset settings.

The system has an operator panel with a color touch panel.

It is possible to save programs (setting the heating zone, heater temperature, heating times and possibly the vacuum time, fans).

The number of programs to be saved is 200, it is possible to copy them to a data carrier.

The device can be additionally equipped with an oil vacuum pump and radial-drum fans for cooling the molded material.

heating stove

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