Our strenghts

Every company wants to stand out on the market. We believe that our greatest advantage is flexibility and the ability to adjust the offer to the specific requirements of each customer. We do this by offering a wide range of various options to choose from, as well as through consultations and the creation of individual, customized solutions exactly to the client’s needs. We assume that „everything can be done”. Below is a list of our technical solutions, often unique, that create the value of our products and which we want to highlight.

  1. Halogen lamps – the fastest and most effective heating elements
    All QUICKLINE thermoforming machines are supplied with the latest generation halogen radiators, installed in the both heaters (top and bottom). The modern and sophisticated technology makes infrared halogen lamps the most efficient, reliable and safe source of heat.Their advantages are:

    • Fast reaction. 90% of the heat is available within one second (no pre-heating)
    • Heat can be directed using reflectors. It means, that even small partial areas can be heated also effectively.
    • Heat intensity is continuously variable from 0 to 100%.
    • More than 90% of energy used is converted into IR radiation
    • 5 000 hours lifetime – reduced maintenance cost
    • No harmful emission, no oxygen consumption, no pollution of air, no odor
    • Special shock resistant quartz tubes ensure high efficiency during whole lifetime
    • Save up to 50 % of energy and up to 40% of heating time (comparing to ceramic)

  2. Real time thermal analysis – RTTAThe modern thermal imaging cameras allow to view the actual temperature distribution live. The captured temperature image gives you the possibility to evaluate heating conditions and make necessary corrections automatically, if it is required.
  3. Central cooling system
    Central cooling system is intended for faster and more effective cooling of formed products. It consists of central ventilation unit, filters, air ducts and nozzles. Air inlet is placed at floor level, using much cooler air then the one above the machine. System is supplied with tools measuring and indicating the purity of filters. The advantages of central cooling system are:

    • More effective cooling due to cooler air and bigger power of ventilation unit
    • Reduction of cooling time and whole working cycle
    • Higher efficiency of the machine
    • Less noise then standard fans
    • Higher precision and adjustability due to directional nozzles with automatic adjustment
  4. Precise regulation of each heating element
    The machine offers the precise power regulation of each heating element of top and bottom heaters by LCD touch panel. You can set the power percentage of each radiator to obtain homogenous or different required temperature distribution, or you can influence the heating speed. You can adjust precisely the heating process to the kind of plastic material. All values can be programmed and stored in the controller memory while saving programs.
  5. Adjustable Window Frame
    Adjustable window frame system consists of four movable, aluminium plates with temperature control. Stepless motorized window size adjustment is possible in both axis by touch panel. Standard adjustment range of one set of plates is: X = 1000 mm and Y = 650 mm. The adjustment is carried out by 4 electric motors and 4 servo drives. This solution is particularly useful for wide production range with frequent need to change moulds of different sizes. The advantages are:

    • Cost reduction (less reduction frames)
    • Reduction of time for replacement
    • Working environment improvement
    • Safety improvement, no hand operations


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