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Our strengths
  1. Halogen lamps – the fastest and most effective heating elements. All QUICKLINE machines are equipped with last-generation halogen heaters, which are installed in both ovens (upper and lower). Modern and sophisticated technology makes halogen lamps the most efficient, economical, reliable and safe heat sources. Their advantages are as follows:Quick reaction. 90% of the thermal energy is available within a second (no warm-up). Heat can be redirected using reflectors. This means that even small areas can be heated very effectively. The heating intensity varies linearly from 0 to 100%. More than 90% of the energy consumed is converted into IR (infrared) radiation. 5,000 operating hours – lower maintenance costs No harmful emissions, no oxygen consumption, no air pollution, no unpleasant odors. Special quartz tubes resistant to thermal shocks ensure high radiation efficiency throughout the entire period of use. Savings of up to 50% of energy and up to 40% of heating time (compared to ceramic heaters).
  2. Real Time Thermal Analysis (RTTA) Modern thermal cameras allow for real-time imaging of temperature distribution. This allows you to evaluate the heating conditions and automatically make adjustments to the process on an ongoing basis.
  3. Central cooling system The central cooling system ensures faster and more effective cooling of formed products. The system includes: fan, filters, air ducts and blowing nozzles. The air inlet is located just above the floor, which sucks in cooler air than from above the machine. The system checks the cleanliness of the filters and signals the need for replacement. Advantages of a central cooling system: More effective cooling thanks to lower air temperature and higher fan power Reduction of cooling time and the entire molding cycle Increasing machine efficiency Reduced noise compared to standard fans Greater precision and better control of the cooling process thanks to the use of nozzles and automatic control.
  4. Precise regulation of each heating element Our machines enable precise regulation of the power of each heating element in the upper and lower furnaces on the LCD touch panel. You can set the power percentages of each heater to obtain a uniform or other desired temperature distribution, or to change the heating rate. The function also allows you to optimally adjust the heating process to a given type of material. All values and settings can be programmed and saved in the controller’s memory when saving programs.
  5. Automatically adjustable window frame The adjustable window frame is a system of four aluminum, sliding plates with the possibility of temperature control. Smooth, stepless adjustment of the ground clearance is possible in both axes from the control panel. The standard adjustment range for one set of plates is 1100 mm for the X axis and 650 mm for the Y axis. 4 electric motors with servo drives are used for adjustment. The solution is particularly useful in the case of a wide range of production and the need to frequently replace molds of different sizes. Advantages of the solution: Cost reduction (fewer reduction frames) Reduction of replacement time Improving working conditions Increased safety by eliminating manual work