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3-axis and 4-axis CNC trimming machines MASTERCUT

MASTERCUT SERIES ( trimming machines and milling machines )

The MASTER CUTCNC 3 and 4 axis trimming machines and milling machines produced by TOOLS FACTORY are designed for machining materials by cutting. You can cut and mill plastics, wood and wood-based materials, non-ferrous metals, e.g. aluminum. The devices are widely used in the thermoforming process – the production of 3D forms and processing of molded parts. Machines produced by us are made in various sizes of the working table, various Z axis clearances and in many options:
  • type of spindle,
  • cooling of the cutting tool,
  • tool magazine,
  • tool length measurement,
  • vacuum table with a vacuum pump,
  • angle aggregate (4 axis C),
  • swarf extraction.MASTERCUT 3 and 4 axis trimming machines and milling machines have a rigid, annealed, and then, with one fixture on the milling table, a planned portal steel structure. Attaching the details on the work table is facilitated by a grooved aluminum top or optionally a plate adapted to attach details by means of a vacuum divided into valve-operated sections. Vacuum tables are typically equipped with a vacuum pump from renowned German companies such as Becker or Busch with a capacity of 250m3 / h. Precision linear rolling bearings and gear ratios with precision planetary gears provide very high positioning resolution. The servo drives used for the X, Y1, Y2, Z axes with incremental encoders can measure the position with an accuracy of up to 0.01mm. On the basis of this information, a multi-axis motion controller based on a signal processor controls such servo drives so that the error is zero. When the load is increased, the motor increases its power, preventing any deviation from the position, and if a certain load is exceeded, the system stops the machine and informs the operator about the need to intervene. The control software works in the Windows environment and is available in Polish and English.