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Ladies and Gentlemen

It’s been a quite long time since our machine was started. We are curious about your opinion on it. Please share your comments with us on the quality, functionality and durability of our solutions. This information will help us to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of our devices and will contribute to the further improvement of our products and offerings. Below we have placed a short questionnaire and we ask you to complete it and return to us (SEND button under the questionnaire).

Thank you in advance for your time.

Questionnaire after machine delivery

    Company Assessment of delivery and commissioning of the machine
    Assessment of use training
    Mechanical performance evaluation
    Evaluation of the program and ease of use
    Assessment of operation in terms of functionality and production quality
    To what extent the machine meets expectations
    Service rating from the manufacturer
    Overall, overall assessment of the machine, level of satisfaction
    What is (in your opinion) the greatest advantage of the machine? What is (in your opinion) the biggest disadvantage of the machine? What is the most (additionally) missing thing in the delivered device? Any other comments