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Thermoforming machines ENERGYLINE series

Thermoforming machines ENERGYLINE series

ENERGYLINE machines are the best, ideal solution for those who value measurable savings. They are designed to save energy needed for production and resources needed to construct machines. Their most important distinguishing feature are specially constructed heaters equipped with a movable, wandering panel with halogen lamps. The speed and range of movement, as well as the emitters power ratio assigned to the position, are controlled in the steering program. This “dynamic” method of heating the plastic ensures better heat penetration, more uniform energy distribution, no overheating of the surface and, as a result, large heating energy savings of 40 – 50%. The heating times of the materials are comparable to traditional, “completely filled” heaters with quartz lamps. An additional benefit is the very low power installed and required in ENERGYLINE machines, which means the possibility of using connections with accordingly lower electric power.

ENERGYLINE machines can be used to form all types of thermoplastics. The control program allows you to adjust the process parameters and speed to the properties of the material and achieve optimal quality results. The standard equipment of the machines includes many modern solutions, and the list of additional options (proportional valves, central cooling system, stamp, QR code scanner, etc.) allows you to adapt the machine to the required production profile. We offer as well, the possibility of individual adjusting the heating power of the machine to the customer’s needs.

ENERGYLINE can be definitely called a crucial and revolutionary solution in the field of vacuum thermoforming of plastics. To sum up, here are the most important reasons for this:

  1. A new dynamic heating solution, wandering heating panels in heaters

  2. Heating energy savings of 40 – 50% compared to traditional quartz heaters

  3. Average energy consumption approx. 0.17 kWh/kg of material (test results for typical materials range from 0.13 to 0.25 kWh/kg)

  4. Low heating power – from 22 to 52 kW (two heaters) depending on dimensions

  5. Short delivery time – from 3 to 5 months


See with your own eyes how ENERGYLINE works