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Thermoforming machines TWINLINE

Termoformierka próżniowa seria TWINLINE

TWINLINE series machines are designed to work in the „Twin-Sheet” technology. They contain a number of unique solutions that allow for the simultaneous heating and forming of two sheets of plastic material and the final combining them into one product. The combination of precise heating of the plastic sheets and appropriate pressure allows the connection of vacuum formed pieces in one process, without using any adhesives nor solvents. This enables the efficient production of spatial, hollow elements with shapes impossible to obtain on a typical thermoforming machine.

The same types of thermoplastic materials as in the normal process can be used for production. Production runs in automatic mode with a material feeder.

TWINLINE machines are supplied with the following specific solutions:

– possibility of mounting two moulds (upper and lower)

– possibility of simultaneous heating of two sheets on different levels

– halogen or quartz heating elements

– regulation and precise control of the heating process

– a special, double clamping frame with electric servo drives

– adjustment of the pressing force of the sheets

– automatic sheet feeder for pairs of sheet

– automatic collection of products

– original control-monitoring program

TWINLINE machines can also be used as conventional thermoforming machines, working with one mould and one sheet of plastic material.