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Thermoforming machines with roll system

Termoformierka próżniowa seria TWINLINE

Main scope of activity of TOOLS FACTORY is designing and producing of machines and equipment for processing and treatment of plastics. TOOLS FACTORY is the leader in Central and Eastern Europe in production of machines for thermoforming and vacuum forming (thermoforming machines). The company’s product range comprises : Thermoforming machines for processing of plastics, designed for manual loading Thermoforming machines for processing of plastics from roll Thermoforming machines with automatic feeding system of plastic sheets and automatic unloading of moldings The produced by TOOLS FACTORY machines stand out with many innovative and modern solutions:
  •  automatic diagnostics of each heater and the most important components of the machine,
  • built-in industrial router with remote access to the device, allowing to carry out diagnostics, performing remote service, fixing errors, improving and optimizing the code of recipes, changing the appearance of the HMI panel and adding new functions,
  • automatic adjustment of the dimensions of the forming field from the operator panel (infinitely adjustable bottom plate),
  • automatic adjustment of the size of the clamping frame (upper frame),
  • percentage regulation of heating each heating elements,
  • automatic control of the heating and cooling process of the material through the use of modern pyrometers for non-contact temperature measurement.
Each machine can be designed and adapted to the requirements of the customer and his product, i.e.:
  • use of pneumatic components as well as electric servo drives,
  • the heating medium in thermoformers can be realized by using halogen, ceramic or quartz radiators,
  • the design of the device enables retrofitting it with plug assist where the vertical movement is carried out through an electric servo drive,
  • in order to accelerate the cooling process, it is possible to install a central cooling system with directional jets.
An additional element of the thermoforming machine in this configuration is a device that works with a thermoforming machine designed to load a thermoformer material from a roll into the working field. Features of the roll feeder: Application of material to the working field of the thermoforming machine, cutting the molding part, transferring the extruded workpiece for further processing. The feeder has the option of fixing the roll with the material on a pneumatic expansion roller (2 pcs), which is equipped with a quick disassembly system thanks to the installed safety holders, material overhang control is coupled with material path measurement and the right amount of material is unwound automatically from the roll, after during the thermoforming process, the material is moved automatically, and then the molding part is cut off from the roll.