Ultrasonic sensors (optional for the production of skylights)

It is possible to install in the teremoformierce two ultrasonic laser sensors for forming in DUAL MODE. Thanks to these devices, we can control the height of balloons in the range up to 500 mm. The setting of the appropriate altitude takes place from the operator panel, when we work on two windows, we must enter the appropriate values for the right and left. There is also the possibility of forming in SINGLE MODE mode, then the MASTER is the right sensor. After setting the DUAL MODE mode, the sensors will ignite to such positions that they are in the middle position of the given partition window. If we are in SINGLE MODE, both sensors will go to the middle position.


New version of automatic sheet loader – version 2017. Automatic material feeder + centering platen + pusher  The movable parts […]


Thermoforming machine with automatic roll feeder with direct laminating function.